Launch Night 1964: BBC Television Centre

This vignette was originally published in 'Propland: Re-programming Television Centre, 2018 Television Centre is aglow with anticipation. The date is April 20th, 1964, and the BBC is about to launch a second channel, BBC2, dedicated solely to the arts, drama and comedy. Its mascot, oddly enough, is a kangaroo named Hullabaloo. Meanwhile, Battersea Power Station too … Continue reading Launch Night 1964: BBC Television Centre

Who Speaks? Voices in a Post-Truth World

This is the transcript of a performance lecture I gave at the 4th biannual Performance Philosophy conference, "Intoxication? Intervention!" in Amsterdam in March 2019.  My parents knew how much I loved dad’s record player. I was fascinated by it. So, for my birthday, they gave me a record. The greatest hits of Johnny Cash. To … Continue reading Who Speaks? Voices in a Post-Truth World

‘The Crossing’ by Victor Cord’homme

Caravansérail, Brick Lane 7th September – 3rd October 2017 When I arrive at Caravansérail, I find that my favourite bookstore in all of London has undergone something of a transformation. Novels and magazines have made way for acrylic drawings depicting manmade structures of the seaside; lighthouse, water-tower, boat. A skeletal machine is suspended in mid-air, … Continue reading ‘The Crossing’ by Victor Cord’homme